shway (shway) wrote in nvisioned,

A New Layout for a New Begining

Alright. I've reeeeaaalllllly neglected this community. I finally have a bit more time to create graphics and icons so hopefully I'll be getting this community up off the ground. New icons will be coming soon, as well as free layouts and banners. The [N]VISIONED website is almost complete and will be on a new server. If you're visiting for the first time, please bare with me and the changes. Hopefully everything will be done soon. ^_^
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WAAAII YAY! can't wait! *^-^*
*lol* me neither. ^_^ I've got a lot of creative energy flowing and need it use it until I get another "writer's block" sorta thing. Hopefully that won't be any time soon. =)
awww I had writers block a few days ago ^^: it kills. [pokes]
Yeah, my muse decided to take a vacation last year, and has yet to be heard from since. So, I'm kinda workin' off my own talent. *lol*
awww. I'm sure you are still awsome! I mean you have great talent look at your icons and stuff [nods]
[glomps] "You like me, you really like me!" *lol* [glomps again]
orcourse I do! silly :P [glomps back]
**of course